My hope

Saturday, July 30, 2011


 Piper was playing in the rain today. I caught her midair in this photo...perfect.

I was supposed to have my yard sale today, starting this morning. The rain had other things in mind. That's ok, I let Piper play in the rain while I took pictures instead.

Watching her today reminded me of the many times I played in the rain as a child. It was soooo fun. Feeling the chill of the rain as it pitter patters on your head. Playing in the rain gives kids a since of freedom. It's normally a forbidden act. Parents don't want the kids to get all wet and come inside or heaven forbid it makes them sick. I can't count the number of times I played in the rain; know how many times I was sick? Once. Coinscidence? Maybe.

It's the simple things that make kids happy. Sometimes when we are grown up, we get so lost in the responsibilities of being an adult, we forget. I love watching my kids play, watching them be simple. Brings back memories...

                                          She looked like she was doing the rain worked.

                                         I'm not sure what she was doing here. I love this picture. She looks so much like me at her age.

Friday, July 29, 2011


I'm having a random moment. I have these frequently. I wonder if there is something to that...


Sitting here after 48 hours of confusion, it has a bittersweet end. Made dinner together, watching movies, it's nice. Still confused though. Not sure what step to take now or how to take it. Baby steps?

Random thought: Some may notice the name Kimmie, and wonder why. Well, it is actually part of the whole point to starting this whole blog thing. To get back to me again. From my childhood I was "Kimmie". Took the name I was given and gave it a childish twist. That name stuck with me as I grew, with family and close friends; that's who I was; Kimmie. The girl with the "bubbly" personality that made people smile. The girl anyone could go to for advice and a smile when they were down. But that person has changed. People don't say those things about me, in fact I have heard more of the opposite lately, and by lately I mean the last few years. I have let those things get to me, and changed my life around others views of me. Along the way I have lost myself. It goes way deeper than just people's view. But it's a start. I don't why I let it get to me. But I do. I should really work on that.

Anyway, my goal here is to get Kimmie back. I miss her.

Something New

I have always been skidish to try new things. Never sure of how it will turn out, afraid of the outcome. That hasn't worked out so well for me.

Many of my friends are "blogging" now days, and from what they have told me, it can be very theraputic. I could use a good dose of therapy. So I'm giving it a try. I have a lot in my head that needs to come out. Not sure what will happen when it does...

I'm not sure if this is going to help me, but it's worth a shot. If nothing else, maybe it will give those that don't know me, or those that think they know me, a good view of who I am. I can be a difficult person to read; not always a good thing I have found.

As I sit here on my porch writing this, many things are racing through my head. Is this NEW thing going to be a GOOD thing? How will people respond? What will people think? Will I have many followers? Do I want many followers? Why do I care so much about this? Why do I worry so much? Shut up Kim and just do it.

This is me doing it...