My hope

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Little Moments

*Ok so the blogging once a week hasn't worked out so well. This not having internet thing really sucks. The "community internet" where I live is back up, but it's hit and miss from so many people using it at the same time. ugh, one day I will be able to afford internet again.*

Classes start back up for me tomorrow. I have spent an entire month with my little love. He has really enjoyed having mama all to himself and not having to go to day shows. Unfortunately, day care starts back up tomorrow as well.

This past month has been both stressing and enjoyable...funny how parenthood works, huh?

Quentin has been attached to my hip, I'm guessing from me not leaving, he was holding on tight! Which at times I could have done without, but for the most part, I enjoyed. I was able to capture lots of great photos of him too.

He is growing so fast. Days like this that we get to spend together are growing short.

This saddens me.

December has proven to be a hard month for us. Money and jobs just haven't came easy lately. When I am down, this little love of mine has been my light. With just a look, he makes my world better.

I wonder if he knows that.

He doesn't even have to smile.

But boy when he heart just swells.

He has started crawling now. Another milestone. I'm so incredibly happy that he has learned to crawl...not sure why...more evidence my baby is growing up. But I will put him down and make him crawl just so I can watch him.

That is the most fasinating thing in the world to me...watching my little love just be. I say that a lot, but it is the most honest truth.

There is something so...calming about watching him in his own little baby world. Exploring, learning, playing...I take videos every chance I get just so I don't have to stop watching him.

I watch him sleep.

I watch him eat.

I watch him squish his avocado in his little hands between his fingers. (what he his doing right now as a matter of fact.)

I just watch.

The little moments are the best ones. I'm getting in as many as I can before my baby isn't my baby anymore.