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Monday, May 21, 2012

Good things

Life...good at times...stressful at times... * What can ya do but just try to make the most of it? George had an interview at the juvenile correction center here in town. He thinks it went pretty well. Hopefully he gets the job. I have my fingers crossed! * Him having a steady job will help things out so much here. Things are going pretty good overall. * My little Q-man is walking!! It's so hard to believe! I LOVE watching him walk and work to keep his balance. Witnessing him learn the words can describe. He is growing up so fast, and man he is so dang smart. And he loves to wear hats. Lol. I think he is going to be daddy's little rough tough boy. He likes the dirt, hats, trucks, balls, typical boy stuff. Marshall was never like that. So it's a little new for us. Lol. * Had to take my little man to the dr again today though. He has been having issues with milk, and I was just at a loss of what it could be and what to do. Regular milk makes him dangerously constipated. Lactaid milk keeps him regular, but makes him vomit and so incredibly fussy. Dr said his digestive system just isn't ready for the big proteins and sugars yet. So he is having to stay on a special formula meant for toddlers. I don't like it...but it's the best option we have. He has no problems when he is on it either. Instantly he stopped vomiting and the fussiness went away, meaning his tummy felt loads better. Happy, healthy baby=happy mama. That's all that matters. * Piper is learning how to ride her bike without training wheels. It's about dang time! :) We have been trying to get that girl to do for some time now, but she was always so afraid. So mama took her out two days ago, put her in the grass, and told her she was going to practice on the grass until she felt comfortable then we would take her to the road. She did so well, and by the end of that day, she was reading for the road. She didn't think so though. * The next day I let her practice a little in the grass, and when she began to get frustrated (the grass was keeping her from progressing), I gave her no choice but go to the road. She started riding!! It was so great to see my little girl ride her bike all by herself, and be so excited about it! Especially knowing I, me, myself; I taught her. I'm a very proud mama. * I find myself feeling like a very proud mama now these days, more than I have in my entire motherhood. Right now I'm sitting on my front deck, watching my two boys play in the grass. It's a simple little joy, that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Quentin really loves his big brother. He will follow Marshall and climb in his cute. Marshall is such a great big brother too. He even puts Quentin to sleep in his own special way when mama is busy. On his own too, I have never asked. I'm so blessed with the children I have. How did I get so lucky?

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