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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blogging Education in progress

Blogging. I love it.
I really do.

But figuring out how it all works...another story.
One would think that you just find a blogging site, make a profile, make a few pretty choices, and start typing away. One would think.

Nope, not that easy. Not if you want it to be you.
A big part of blogging is supposed to be about reflecting each individual person as an individual. As the individual they see themselves to be.

But let me tell you, that's difficult to do without the know-how of the blogging tools! I have been working on mine (I have two; one for very different parts of my life) and I still do not feel like either one of them truly expresses/reflects ME.

I need help.

I want people to look at my blog and be able to pick up pieces of me just be view. I want people to read my blog and feel like they are really learning about me.....

Wow, yeah, ok. So I just got completely distracted by a show on Vh1. Some kind of live Taylor Swift first I didn't pay any attention, but then she started talking about how each song was born and singing and...distraction. Yeah, she's so...innocent, real, I love her. Purely for those two reasons.

Ok so back on track. Blogging. Help. Needed here. Not figuring it all out. I want the design to be unique. To be mine. But outside of the offered designs and clue how to do that.

I have two. I want them separate, but together....make sense? No? Ok. moving on.

I will get this figured out. Or I will find someone that already has it figured out and I will ever so sweetly convince them to teach me. :)